Staff Contact Info

Ministry Staff

Lead Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader

Randy McKean: 407-963-5575,
Kay McKean: 407-575-3022;

South/East/Campus Ministry Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader

Aaron  Jackson: 703-919-8563;
Ayesha Jackson: 703-927-2574;

Campus Ministry Leaders 

Josh Lund: 757-903-9146;
Alanna Lund: 240-461-1151;

Youth and Family Ministry Leaders 

Stephen Little:352-328-7510;
Roxanne Little: 954-608-0575; 


Frederic Bouchet: 703-335-9483;
Randy McKean: 407-963-5575;
Jack Rosenquist: 703-928-5951;
Charlie Yi: 703-313-0101;


Part time administrator: Marcia Llorens;
Part-time accountant:   Cheryl Kaplan;

All checks, check requests and correspondence should be directed to:

Northern Virginia Church of Christ
P.O Box 979
Herndon, VA 20172
Telephone: 703-963-0899